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„Die Offenheit im Umgang mit dem Publikum scheint mir die beste Voraussetzung für erfolgreiche Shows im grösseren Rahmen zu sein. Einem jeden Fan der hiesigen Metalszene möchte ich wärmstens empfehlen, Ophelia's Eye im Hinterkopf zu behalten. Der Abend scheint recht schnell zu vergehen. Das erste Album wird viele Fans des Melodic Death Metal aber auch generell Freunde des Härteren überzeugen. Unbedingt auf dem Radar behalten!“


- Metal Factory -


Ophelia’s Eye is based on Olimpia’s Eyes from the novel “The Sandman” by E.T.A. Hofmann.

Olimpia for us is a characterization for the goal we want to achieve with our music:
In the course of the book, Nathaniel's perception of Olimpia changes as he observes her through a pocket lens in her room: "But as he looked sharper and sharper through the glass, it was as if moist moonbeams were rising in Olimpia's eyes. It seemed as if only now the sight was ignited; more and more vividly and vividly the glances flamed." (page 28)

And toward the end of the story, Nathanel is enchanted by Olimpia. He calls her "heavenly-beautiful," admires her every day, and is desperate and driven by longing.

We, too, want to "enflame" the audience, bring them to life and cast a spell over them. Through our songs the listeners should also lose the connection to reality - at least for a while.


Rhythm Guitar: Corinne Ryter

Lead Guitar: Remo Lemp

Vocals: Michel Egloff-Sieber

Bass: Sandro Suter

Drums: Vacant / Sessiondrums: Alfio Laini

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